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Small Town Living in Sycamore, Illinois

Alison Rosenow
Small Town Living in Sycamore, Illinois

10 things We Love About Our Town

Sycamore, Illinois-Population 17,519

  1. It's a small town; you will always run into someone you know! You will always run into someone you know at the annual Sycamore Pumpkin Festival Weekend!
  2. It's only an hour outside of Chicago driving, and you have the option of taking the Metra Train in from Elburn, IL (about 25 min commute) to Chicago.
  3. We love the seasonal changes, every three months, the weather changes!
  4. It only takes us a "few" minutes to get to one side of the town to the other when working, visiting friends, running to the store.
  5. We enjoy the locally-owned restaurants, shops, and penny meters in downtown Sycamore.
  6. We do have the DeKalb Airport, larger big box stores, and national restaurants available to visit as well.
  7. DeKalb County, we are home of the Northern Illinois University Huskies! They host great venues like sporting events and concerts.
  8. The Sycamore Park Distric has amazing programs from events to sports for all ages, thanks to the newly approved $13 Million Expansion, including a new facility and more parks!
  9. The Sycamore School District offers ample opportunity for children to grow, learn, get involved, and be proud to be a Sycamore Alumni!
  10. We have amazing options for housing and/or new business opportunities. We own and operate a small business in downtown Sycamore, called American Realty. Check out our real estate site for more info homes for sale, retail stores for lease, homes for rent; you name it! We would be happy to assist you!

Hope to see you in Sycamore soon! Have a great New Year!

Wednesday January 2nd, 2019#life in sycamore